• The ARC Process

    Our interactive courses for groups helps clarify their purpose while creating alignment around their goals and values-even in the presence of competing interests among members.

  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced offerings

    Try out one of our free introductory webinars or do an introduction to basic facilitation skills. Then come on a Prosocial Learning Journey with us. Once you know that Prosocial is for you, join our Prosocial Practitioner Training so that you can do Prosocial with groups everywhere.

  • A global community

    Working together, we can evolve our methods and create positive change on a global scale, starting with single groups and multi-group cultural ecosystems. Prosocial is designed to complement, not compete with, other change methods.

What students say

Chris Barthold

BCBA, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator

"This course was life-changing. It really gets you back to your values and shows you ways to help groups do the same. Highly recommended!:


COO/Co-founder, Nearsoft, Inc.

"The most valuable thing about this course is to know that I am not alone, there are others out there, at the edge, moving in the same direction. The course material was very helpful, beyond what the PROSOCIAL book offered. Paul did a great job of bringing the material alive and he made it all look easy."


CEO Hivisasa

"Prosocial tools have allowed me to manage a very difficult conflict inside our company. Instead of the conflict damaging or ruining our company, it made us stronger and built better foundations."

Jordan K. Harmon


"Throughout my career as a clinical social worker, I've been wondering how to apply evidence based practices at macro levels - you know - to change the world. Prosocial is exactly what I've been looking for - contextual behavioral science converging with evolution science in a practical and actionable way!"

Tibet Sprague

Director of Technology Hylo

"This facilitator training was a well designed and extremely valuable crash course in the powerful ProSocial framework and set of tools for teaching groups to cooperate better. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to help their organization or community work together more effectively, and/or wants to level up their ability to be a leader in groups of all kinds!"

Leading Prosocial - Facilitator Training

Commencing February 2023

Introductory Courses and Past Webinars

Learn the basics

These are introductory offerings from our community. Start here for finding live events, recordings and other introductory courses.

Prosocial Learning Journeys and Action Labs

Learn by doing focused on questions that matter.

These will be 8-week flexible experiences built around questions of deep interest to our community like “How can we build more trust and collaboration in our group” or “How can we best decide together”. We will be seeking your input on learning journeys you would like to see offered, and engaging our facilitator community to help bring their expertise to facilitating them. The aims of these experiences will be to a) have a lived experience of what a trusting, prosocial group looks like, b) form a community with a cohort of like-minded social change agents and c) learn and experience the rudiments of Prosocial.

Cultural Transformation Accredited Professional Program

Calling All Change Agents! Enroll now to become a Culture Transformation Accredited Professional

Be a leader in your industry with the most innovative and holistic solutions for culture transformation and organizational health As we re-enter the ever-changing workplace in a post-covid world, we need new ways to engage and reconnect with our people. Self-knowledge, how to collaborate and cooperate are essentials as we move forward in a human-centered interconnected world. We have a global imperative to act now, but few people have the innovative tools needed to create and implement transformative measures organization-wide. Our program prepares you to build teams of collaborators in your organization to create lasting positive change. Culture Transformation Accredited Professional (CTAP) is designed for professionals in HR, Community Organizers, DEI Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Talent Officers, Coaches, Trainers, Internal Team-Builders, Corporate Climate Champions, Facilitators, Change Agents, and People looking for a more meaningful career.

All types of groups can benefit from The ARC Process

  • Business Teams: In all kinds of settings, our method plays well alongside Agile and many other management practices.

  • Organizations with several groups: Coordination with other groups is one of our core principles and integral to the method.

  • New Groups: The ARC Process is the ideal first step for any new group, building a strong foundation from day one.

  • Self-Organizing Groups: Such as community groups, political movements, non-hierarchical groups with complex structures.

  • Expanding Groups: Our method clearly outlines goals and internal processes, making it easier to onboard newcomers and grow.

  • Groups in Conflict: The Prosocial ARC Process is designed to balance conflicting interests and align members around a shared purpose.


  • What is your refunds and cancellation policy?

    We want you to have a brilliant, transformative experience with our learning journeys and action labs. If you decide a program isn't for you, just let us know within 30 days of course commencement and you can claim a 100% refund or you can choose to transfer your payment to another course. If you would prefer we only gave you a partial refund and the rest we use to support our ongoing work to create a better world, we can cater for that too. It is up to you.

  • What if the course does not fill up?

    We check all our courses for viability approximately 5 working days prior to the course date. At this point, any course that has insufficient numbers may be cancelled. In this instance, participants booked on the cancelled course will receive a full refund or free course transfer.