Prosocial Practitioner Training #25 2022

Cohort 1 Tuesday 9-11am Australian Eastern Time (7-9pm on Monday US Eastern Time). Cohort 2 Wed 12pm-2pm US Eastern Time (5-7pm UK time). Cohort 3 Thurs 9-11am UK Time (6-8pm Australian Eastern).
Session 1 Jun 7 Jun 8 Jun 9
Session 2 Jun 21 Jun 22 Jun 23
Session 3 Jul 5 Jun 6 Jun 7
Session 4 (All day) Jul 19 (9am-4pm) Jun 20 (10am-5pm) Jun 21 (9am-4pm)
Session 5 Aug 2 Aug 3 Aug 4
Session 6 Aug 16 Aug 17 Aug 18
Session 7 Aug 30 Aug 31 Sep 1
Session 8 Sep 13 Sep 14 Sep 15
Session 9 Sep 27 Sep 28 Sep 29
Session 10 (All day) Oct 11 (9am-4pm) Oct 12 (10am-5pm) Oct 13 (9am-4pm)
Session 11 Oct 25 Oct 26 Oct 27
Session 12 Nov 8 Nov 9 Nov 10
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Join us for the Prosocial Introductory Facilitator Training. At the end of this 6 month course, you will be able to:

  • Shift People from Me to We

    Use a simple but highly effective set of inner and outer development tools to shift the cultures of groups and networks from "me" to "we".

  • Help Groups and Networks Be More Productive and Enjoyable

    Help groups become more purposeful, equitable, inclusive, accountable and harmonious, even if they have experienced conflict or disengagement

  • Run Learning Journeys and Action Labs

    Join with others from your cohort and create your own learning journeys and action labs. We will help you get a global audience for your event.

  • Demonstrate Change

    Assess change using scientifically validated measurement tools and support a global network of 'communities as field sites'.

Course Information

In this highly interactive course, you will be supported in your learning in four main ways:

  • Weekly consultation sessions where you can engage with new techniques being demonstrated, and share your challenges and insights with others with loads of experience bringing about change in groups and organisations.

  • Regular team meetings with others doing the course working in a similar sector and/or region and supported by a personal coach dedicated to working with your team.

  • An online discussion forum where you can share resources, ask questions and explore the Prosocial framework in more depth with your facilitator and colleagues on the course.

  • Access to an online learning management system that contains videos, readings, exercises and a sequence of assignments to support you in your learning.

Course Assignments

The assignments are the backbone of the course, giving you a chance to practice each element of the Prosocial ARC process in a safe and satisfying way. Each step of the way you will be given all the tools and tips you need to complete these assignments. You will get to:

  • Run the personal ACT matrix with someone

  • Run a collective ACT matrix with a group

  • Write a draft plan for how you will implement Prosocial following the training.

Course curriculum

This curriculum may change slightly as the facilitation team meet to plan this new offering.


  • How much time does the course take?

    While we endeavour to present only that which is most important for understanding and doing Prosocial, this is a professional level training. It involves a time commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week, more in the weeks when the intensives run, although you can spend more on it if you wish to go more deeply. Your learning will be supported by: 1) Online videos, readings and exercises; 2) Fortnightly workshops conducted over 12 weeks; and 3) Reading and contributing to online discussions

  • Are the workshops video recorded and do I need to attend every workshop?

    The workshops are recorded but, it is much better if you can attend in person as the workshops are highly experiential. If you cannot make a particular time one week, you are welcome to attend another cohort. There should be at least two workshops during waking hours for most timezones around the world.

  • What pricing options are there?

    We offer a range of payment options to make the course as accessible as possible for everyone. There are bulk discounts as well as rates for those who wish to support others, students, not-for profits and even scholarships available for those with little or no income.

  • How many people do I need for a bulk discount?

    Our group discounts are: 10% for 2 people enrolling together, 15% for 3-5 people enrolling together and 20% for over 6 people enrolling together. Please send the list of names you would like to enrol to and you will receive a discount code for your group.

  • Can I apply for a scholarship?

    We are able to offer a number of $1,000 scholarships/subsidies towards the course tuition to practitioners who would not be able to participate in this program without financial support. Please see below to apply for a scholarship. We are especially committed to using scholarship funds to create equity of access to this work and inclusivity within our “community of communities.” For this reason, we place special priority on requests from practitioners in the following categories: Practitioners who work as community activists and/or organizers serving marginalized populations and/or underfunded communities. Practitioners from underrepresented backgrounds, including Indigenous practitioners and practitioners of color. Practitioners from countries with low economic purchasing power relative to the US (including Africa and Latin America). If you are in one or more of the above categories and a $1,000 scholarship is not sufficient to make enrolling in this course possible for you, we encourage you to make a request for additional to explaining your situation. If you are requesting financial support, you will not complete the process of paying your course tuition until your request is approved.

Pricing options

Our aim is to make the course accessible for everyone. Here we offer split payment schedules and a discounted rate for the unwaged or those from low and middle income countries. We also offer scholarships on application (see the FAQ above).