About the Course

Join us for our Experience Prosocial course! This will be a practical, fun and transformational learning journey. Together we will explore the question “How can we build more trust and collaboration in the groups and networks we care about?”  

Over 8 weeks, we will experientially introduce the Prosocial ARC process - an approach to enhancing collaboration that makes use of ideas drawn from cultural evolutionary theory, Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel prize-winning design principles for groups, and the science of behaviour change. You will learn how to help groups align around a stronger shared sense of identity, understanding, and purpose, as well as discover the key factors affecting trust and collaborative success in groups and networks.

Each week we will meet for 1 hour as a whole group to introduce key content; then you will have the option of attending one or more 90-minute smaller group conversations, which are more like workshops.  

The course will unfold organically in response to the needs and interests of students, but always holding in mind our core question. We will introduce the basics in the first weeks, then respond to the themes that emerge from the community conversations. 

Just as Prosocial is designed to mimic the naturally self-organising processes of life, this course will evolve in response to your passions and needs. There will be opportunities for sub-groups to form around particular sectors or questions, and pursue their own interests. There will also be an opportunity for you to complete a hands-on project to enhance a group or network that you are passionate about. 

At the end of the course, you will have a broad understanding of an emerging tool for working with complexity in human systems, and you will have joined a global community of people using Prosocial to make a difference. If you want to learn what Prosocial is and how it can aid you in your work in an applied and meaningful way, this is your next step.

Time Requirement and Outline

The total time commitment is 3.5 hours per week.

This consists of a one hour ‘content’ call outlining key ideas and engaging in Q&A, a 1.5 hour ‘community call’ to collectively reflect upon and discuss the materials, and approximately 1 hour per week in reading or preparatory materials.  (You are welcome to attend more than one community call if you wish.)

This is an emergent experience that is designed to give you a feel for a prosocial group in action. Although we will be starting with the broad outline of the Prosocial model, the direction of the 8 weeks will unfold in direct response to the needs and interests of the group. Our focal question that will guide us throughout the journey is "How can we build more trust and collaboration in the groups and networks we care about?"

And while we are confident that the Prosocial model will help us to respond to that question, the primary point of the experience is: 
a) to make practical use of all our insights and ideas, 
b) to form a thriving prosocial community of practice for the 8 weeks we are together, 
c) to empower us all to improve our own groups and communities.

Dates and Times

Please aim to attend one webinar and one community call each week.

Session Americas/Aust Weekly Webinar (1hr) and Community Call (75 mins) 6pm-8.30pm New York/ 10am-12.30pm (next day - Sydney) Europe/Aust Weekly Webinar (1hr) and Community Call (75 mins) 8:30am-11am London/7:30pm-10pm (Sydney)
Week 1 Tues 24th Jan New York/Wed 25th Jan Sydney Thurs 26th Jan London/Sydney
Week 2 Tues 31st Jan New York/Wed 1st Feb Sydney Thurs 2nd Feb London/Sydney
Week 3 Tues 7th Feb New York/Wed 8th Feb Sydney Thurs 9th Feb London/Sydney
Week 4 Tues 14th Feb New York/Wed 15th Feb Sydney Thurs 16th Feb London/Sydney
Week 5 Tues 21st Feb New York/Wed 22nd Feb Sydney Thurs 23rd Feb London/Sydney
Week 6 Tues 28th Feb New York/Wed 1st Mar Sydney Thurs 2nd Mar London/Sydney
Week 7 Tues 7th Mar New York/Wed 8th Mar Sydney Thurs 9th Mar London/Sydney
Week 8 Tues 14th Mar New York/Wed 15th Mar Sydney Thurs 16th Mar London/Sydney

Learning Objectives

Because we practice both systemic and emergent approaches through Prosocial, this is a responsive course that we will build with you. Each journey is unique to the people coming together for it, however, wherever our journeying takes us, at the end of the 8 weeks you will:

  • Help Groups

    Have learned and practised the basics of a new, evidence-based and very practical method for enhancing trust and collaboration in the groups

  • Create a Support Network

    Have joined a cohort of peers tackling similar challenges and willing to serve as an ongoing support network

  • Collaborate

    Have had a real and enjoyable experience of deep collaboration in a safe and trusting environment.

Pricing options

  • $690.00

    Group discounts available (10% for 2, 15% for 3-4, 20% for 5 or more). Please contact courses@prosocial.world to arrange.

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Elizabeth Rosario


Take this course if you want to befriend your fears, doubts, and vulnerabilities. Trust me, Prosocial is the great adaptation our society has been waiting for.

Matt M Perez

COO/Co-founder, Nearsoft, Inc.

The most valuable thing about this course is to know that I am not alone, there are others out there, at the edge, moving in the same direction.

Mark Chenery

Co-Founder and Director, Common Cause Australia

Prosocial provides practical and well-developed tools to bring out pro-social values and behaviours in teams. I highly recommend it to organisations wanting to put their values into practice every day.


Paul Atkins

I am a social psychologist, facilitator, researcher and author. My passion in life is creating more harmonious, cooperative, meaningful relationships. I co-founded Prosocial World with David Sloan Wilson and was lead author of the book articulating the Prosocial method. The last 10 years have been the greatest privilege of my life to get to meet and be influenced by the wonderful Prosocial World community. These days I am noticing I spend more time asking myself 'what does the system need here and how can I help?'. This is profoundly satisfying for me. We, humans, were designed to ask that question much more than our individualistic societies invite us too! I look forward to meeting you properly.

Mila Aliana

Mila is a senior consultant with a wealth of commercial acumen and expertise in diverse industries, sectors and cultures. She navigates within diverse ecosystems of multiple actors, co-experimenting social innovations and transformational experiential initiatives, essentially to co-experiment together on remembering ‘We as Nature’ and our original instructions as Guardians of Life.

Jim Lemon

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and have been working in the National Health Service in the UK for over 25 years. About 12 years or so ago we started using Contextual Behavioural Science approaches, such as ACT, DNA-V & CFT in our Medical Paediatric Psychology Service. We started experimenting with PROSOCIAL to see if it could help us support a couple of children and it was a transformative experience for us. We have now been applying and adapting PROSOCIAL to many health and social care services across the country, all the while enjoying the journey and being a part of the PROSOCIAL World community.

Liliane Mavridara

I synthesize a multi-disciplinary background with a diverse life and work expression in Europe and USA. As an Author, I write about personal development, intimate relationships, and spirituality. As a Holistic Consultant, Transpersonal Psychologist, Allied Health Professional and Facilitator, I navigate the intersection of Environmental Pollution and Climate Change, One Health, and Regenerative Life Skills Building, including prosocial communication and trauma-informed leadership. I believe that in the complexity of today’s world, creating spaces for people to come together and explore how to trust and deepen their connection to each other, while collaborating over a shared purpose, is a true gift to humanity and the planet.

Jordan K. Harmon

I've been practicing therapy for 15 years and find it to be very rewarding to help people move toward flexibility, compassion, and joy. Since the beginning of my career, I've been drawn toward understanding principles of change and healing, both for individuals and for the broader systems they inhabit. The convergence of evolution science and contextual behaviorism into a prosocial, applied science has provided a rich framework from which to engage in this work. A favorite song lyric that I strive to live by comes from the song "Nature Boy" made famous by Nat King Cole: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


Robert Styles

I initially trained in music then, in a later chapter of my life, went on to become an academic doing applied research in the field of Contextual Behavioural Science through the Australian National University. Over the last couple of decades, this stream of activity has had me working with communities, organisations, and governments across the Australian, Pacific, African, Asian, European, and American regions. Presently, I am working with Prosocial World, an organisation that has developed the first change method based on evolutionary science that enhances cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes that is effective at a global scale. When engaged, for me, this means co-designing behavioural and evolutionary approaches to realising environmental and socio-cultural resilience and wellbeing for those I am working with.

JP Parker

I'm a humanitarian and planetarian who lives at the intersection of exponential technology and culture. Beginning in the arts, and later pursuing degrees in philosophy, physics, and psychology, I did some early pioneering in the fields of interactive education, web applications, and human wellbeing. One of my favourite games is questioning underlying assumptions, so along the way I've served as a futurist, a social entrepreneur, and a serial board member. It turns out that culture really does eat strategy for breakfast, so today I find myself serving primarily as a cultivator and re-weaver of healthy social ecosystems (though I am leaning more and more into doing the same for our planetary ones; lucky me, I get to work with some extraordinary humans there!). Both personally and in my communities, I am deeply dedicated to bringing forth that "more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."