Course Overview

Are you a member of an established ecovillage, intentional community or co-housing project?

Would you like to improve group collaboration, effectiveness and harmony?

Prosocial World invites members of intentional communities to collaborate with trained Prosocial facilitators in an 6-week Learning Journey specifically designed to assist members to reflect upon their current organizational processes and identify “next steps” towards  improving practices and achieving what matters most to them.

The Prosocial Worldview and Toolkit are proven approaches to increasing cooperation and trust within and between groups that share underlying values.

Based on organizational design principles that are contemporary expressions of traditional knowledge practices that support personal and collective needs, they are especially well-suited to the needs of residential community groups that use consensus-based or sociocratic decision-making and self-governance structures intended to foster “power with” cultural evolution. 

Weekly two-hour online sessions will include an introduction to the Prosocial Worldview and Toolkit and the content will be tailored to integrate the approach with specific challenges identified by participating communities.  Fee discounts will be provided for participation by more than one member of a community so as to improve the chances of you being able to apply your knowledge within your community.

This course is designed for those who have lived in or are living in an established intentional community because they have moved past the 'dreaming and planning' stage and have had experience with some of the challenges that intentional communities wrestle with. The learning journey is an opportunity to share these challenges in the light of what the Prosocial framework can offer towards building trust and collaboration. It is not suitable for people who only have an interest in living in an intentional community.

Learning Objectives

  • Connect

    Connect with ecovillages from around the world

  • Share

    Share ecovillage dilemmas and apply prosocial tools to explore and find a way forward

  • Enhance

    Enhance your ecovillage culture

  • Lay the groundwork

    Lay the groundwork for building a cooperative, collaborative spirit in your ecovillage or cohousing project by enhancing awareness, relationships and culture aligned with your values.

Course Outline

This is a general outline - the sessions will adapt to the needs of the group

  • Session 1: Welcome & Introduction
  • Session 2: Self Awareness
  • Session 3: Collective Awareness 
  • Session 4: Core Design Principles
  • Session 5: Exploring Embodiment of Core Design Principles
  • Session 6: Bringing It All Together!

This is an emergent experience that is, as much as anything, designed to give you a feel for a prosocial group in action. Although we will be starting with the broad outlines of the Prosocial ARC model, the direction of the 6 weeks will unfold in direct response to the needs and interests of the group. The focal question that will guide us throughout the journey is "How can we enhance group collaboration, effectiveness and harmony in intentional communities?"  And while we are confident that the Prosocial model will help us to respond to that question, the primary point of the experience is: a) to make use of all our insights and ideas, b) to form a thriving prosocial, community of practice for 6 weeks and c) to empower us all to improve our own communities.

Pricing options

in USD

To incentivize participation by groups from within the same communities our pricing structure is discounted as follows: 

$240 for a group of three*, $200 for a group of two*, and $120 for individuals. 

* from the same community

Limited organizational and individual discounts and scholarships will be considered. Please email

Dates and Times

Event Time (AEST)
Workshop 1 13/04/2022 9-11am
Workshop 2 20/04/2022 9-11am
Workshop 3 27/04/2022 9-11am
Workshop 4 04/05/2022 9-11am
Workshop 5 11/05/2022 9-11am
Workshop 6 18/05/2022 9-11am

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Pip Atkins

Pip is an experienced co-designer and facilitator of Prosocial global online courses. She lives at Narara Ecovillage, north of Sydney, Australia, which currently has 185 adult and 65 child members which will increase to around 300 members by 2023. The village encompasses many interests including sociocracy, food growing, food coop, coffee cart, plant and animal biodiversity, wellbeing, resilience for future shocks and much more.

Keala Young

Keala is a whole systems design consultant, regenerative practitioner and permaculture teacher with a background in the healing arts and group facilitation. Keala is a co-founder of Atlan Community near the Columbia River Gorge in Central Cascadia and serves as a Network Steward Circle member and Regional Liaison to the Global Ecovillage Network representing North America.

Kathleen Walsh

Kathleen fortuitously encountered systemic approaches to human relationships early in her career as an individual, family and addictions therapist. Now retired, she lives in a cohousing community in Portland, Oregon USA. Kathleen brings a solid knowledge of “power-with” governance structures like formal consensus and sociocracy to the exploration of how the regenerative design principles inherent in the prosocial worldview and tools can enhance the effectiveness of these approaches to decision-making by strengthening cooperation and trust.