A bit about the course

These will be 8-week flexible experiences built around questions of deep interest to our community like “How can we build more trust and collaboration in our group” or “How can we best decide together”. 

We will be seeking your input on learning journeys you would like to see offered, and engaging our facilitator community to help bring their expertise to facilitating them.  

  • The aims of these experiences will be to: have a lived experience of what a trusting, prosocial group looks like
  • Form a community with a cohort of like-minded social change agents
  • Learn and experience the rudiments of Prosocial.

Learning Journeys And Action Labs

  • Create Change

    Use a simple but highly effective set of tools for mobilizing deep change with individuals and groups

  • Help Groups

    Help groups become more purposeful, equitable, inclusive, accountable and harmonious, even if they have experienced conflict or disengagement

  • Measure

    Evaluate the effectiveness of any group