We are working on our extended and advanced practitioner offering

Over 3 years and 24 cohorts, the Prosocial facilitator training was a tremendous success. But we are now at the point where our extraordinary facilitator community are working with Prosocial World to revise and expand our offering to even more closely meet your needs. We are engaged in a process to listen to our community and co-design a new, more extended and advanced offering that will take you right through from novice facilitator to skilled practitioner, able to design and implement your own Prosocial Learning Journeys and Action Labs. We hope to have our new offering up on this site by March, ready for a mid year start. Meantime, if you are looking for an introduction to Prosocial or you are reconnecting with Prosocial World to learn about all the new developments, please check out one of our Introductory Webinars (see the Introductory tab), or our Intermediate Prosocial Learning Journeys.