Learning Journeys and Action Labs

What is the difference?

  • Learning Journeys

    These will be 6 to 10 week sprints with an emphasis on learning Prosocial by doing it together. Every learning journey will have a focus question co-developed with the participants. With weekly meetings we will work together to: a) experience being in a Prosocial group b) create community, and c) learn Prosocial.

  • Action Labs

    These sprints are for intact groups that want to work together. Over the course of our time together, we will identify what matters most, clarify our success criteria for change, make proposals in line with Prosocial principles and decide together on the highest priority actions. This process is a highly effective approach for creating alignment leading to concrete steps for action within and between groups.

What learning journeys and action labs would you like to be a part of?

Co-design the future of Prosocial with us

What are the big questions about collaboration that matter most to you? Here are just a few of the great ideas that our community has already created for learning journeys and action labs.  If you have more ideas, we would love to hear from you below.

Learning Journeys

These are sprints available to the public. We are working to engage our practitioner community to facilitate these events and we will make them available for registration as soon as we have facilitators. 

  1. How can we enhance trust and collaboration in groups (an experiential introduction to Prosocial)?
  2. How can we apply Prosocial to businesses and government departments with traditional hierarchical structures?
  3. How can we help people trust one another and collaborate more effectively in the Metaverse?
  4. How do indigenous ways of knowing and being relate to Prosocial?
  5. How can Prosocial help with groups and individuals that have experienced trauma and/or despair?
  6. How does Prosocial need to change to work with young people?

Action Labs

These sprints are for groups working together, so they are not available to the public. But, as an indication of the sort of thing you might create. Here are some action labs currently in the pipeline.

  1.  How can we use what we have learned from COVID-19 to create a more Prosocial workplace?
  2. How can we reduce racism in the schools in this district?
  3. For the Prosocial Regenerators group - what should be our focus and what should we do first?

If you have an idea for a Prosocial Learning Journey or an Action Lab please contact us at courses@prosocial.world.